• Superfood PowderIngredients

    for baked goods, smoothie mixes, soup recipes, sauces, marinades, ready to mix beverages, cereal bars and snacks.

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  • Extracting & Drying Fruit Seeds

    will provide you with a superfood product to add to your family of products and ingredient to add to your recipes.

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  • Your Partner for Sustainability

    Turn your waste stream into a profit stream by creating a powder ingredient from your pomace.

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Fruit & Vegetable Powders Make an Impact

Our fruit and vegetable powders fulfill an overwhelming demand to make food naturally more nutritious, have cleaner labels and serve dietary allergies. From the whole fruit to pomace and every combination in between, our powders are a natural source of fiber with a superfood profile rich in essential vitamins and minerals with many health benefits.

Nutrient Dense

Add healthy ingredients to your recipes with whole fruit powders that embody the vitamins, minerals and fiber of the fruit it was derived from. Each powder captures the fruit's bright, natural flavor.

Clean Labels

Clean labels are no longer a trend, but a necessity for packaged food products. Replace artificial ingredients with our natural whole fruit powders for a cleaner label and moretrust-worthy product.

Sustainable Profits

Create new products or ingredients from your production waste stream by creating nutrient dense powder ingredients - proprietary to you! Add products to your family of offerings and dollars to your bottom line.

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